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Michael Raymond

The Walt Disney Company
Sr. Writer
Seattle, WA
My professional life (career journey) has been one long battle between the left and right sides of my brain. I studied at Kent State University (for the tech stuff) and UCLA (screenwriting stuff). After a vagabond phase in Europe, Asia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia, I permanently settled in my adopted home of Seattle, WA. In addition to my 9-to-5 Disney-related passions (mostly in the technology space), I've also developed a diverse body of screenwriting work.

I kick it with the Enterprise Technology Communications and Learning team for The Walt Disney Company, both in the Seattle office and down in Burbank, CA. I develop and manage strategic communications plans, tactics, and content solutions. I curate and develop a variety of technical marketing collateral and content across a variety of channels, including online platforms, newsletter articles, surveys, video, and social business technology solutions.I also have additional backstory and a mysterious past as a Technical Writer (end user content and online Help were usually in my wheelhouse). At Disney, story is part of our DNA and I guess I'm no different. I love storytelling and approach everything I do in terms of finding its dramatic narrative. Everyone and everything has a story to tell . . . what's yours?

Film, screenwriting, music, travel, chocolate